June 9, 2014
Garrett McNamara

Garrett McNamara Spends Day in Malibu with Surfers Healing

“Saturday was another incredible event for Surfer’s Healing. There were so many volunteers and families that got to experience the healing power of the ocean. I am honored that I was able to be a part of it and share my passion for the ocean with so many kids. It is incredible what Izzy Paskowits has created” says Garrett McNamara.
Surfers Healing


“Through the transformative experience of surfing, Surfers Healing attains greater mainstream acceptance for both the families of and the kids living with autism.People seem to have a lot of pre-conceived ideas about what kids with autism can or can’t do. We’re here to change those notions forever. Surfers Healing has spent the last fifteen years taking children with autism surfing. Our goal is to help foster the understanding and acceptance of autism.”

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