December 3, 2012

A.Gray, JOB, and GMac Invited to The Eddie

The contest waiting period is from December 1st – February 28th and the one-day event runs whenever the surf reaches atleast 20 foot backs, 40 foot faces. Over the 28 years of this contest, the event has only ran 8 times. The last contest to run was in 2009/2010 with Greg Long coming out as victor. This year, Body Glove is honored to have 3 riders invited to the Quiksilver In Memory of Eddie Aikau.

Garrett McNamara, big wave world record holder was unable to make the opening ceremony because he is overseas in Portugal chasing giant waves at Nazare. This is where Garrett  found incredible success last year surfing a 78 foot wave. Garrett is constantly pushing the surf industry through big wave surfing and we’re stoked for him to be invited to The Eddie. ”Growing up in Hawaii it has always been my dream to be in the Eddie. To be invited is one of the greatest honors a surfer can achieve. Surfing giant waves with a few friends for Eddie is so special and so fun. Theres nothing like it” says Garrett.

Jamie O’Brien has made a name for himself growing up and surfing on the North Shore. He is exciting to watch no matter where he surfs and is always a favorite at Pipeline.  He is so comfortable at Pipe, he pulls off incredible tricks while in the tube. One of his specialties is taking off regular foot and switching stance while  hidden in the tube, and then coming out of the barrel switch footed. We cant wait to see what he can do at Waimea Bay!

Alex Gray, the 2011 Surfer Poll “Barrel of the Year” winner gets his first invitation to the Quiksilver In Memory of Eddie Aikau. Over the last couple of years Alex has been focusing heavily on his big wave surfing and this invitation is a testament to the success he has had. Alex says, “The invitation is the greatest honor of my life. The Eddie is the most prestigious event in surfing. To be in the circle with the worlds greatest big wave surfers, honoring the best surfer of all time (Eddie Aikau) is a dream come true. Let’s hope it gets 20 feet at Waimea this year and the Eddie runs!

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