November 7, 2013

New Smoothies Ad Campaign Leaves Everything to the Imagination

Body Glove Girl

This season, Body Glove Girl is yet again setting out to spark imagination and creativity with a new ad campaign for their line of solid-colored Smoothies swimsuits. In the past, Body Glove Girl has embraced innovation and wild creativity, with Smoothies campaigns showing fantastical and colorful scenes that made the viewer do a double-take.

However, this year Body Glove Girl is taking a new leap of the imagination. Finding inspiration in the worlds of history and mythology, this latest Smoothies campaign explores the strength and beauty of powerful female archetypes through the ages.
For this campaign, Body Glove Girl collaborated with creative agency Brune & Blonde, as well as with Becha, a young and internationally recognized female artist known for both her commercial and editorial work.

Body Glove Girl

Following Becha’s signature style of collage and illustration, each of the eight ads in this new campaign is a vivid and otherworldly portrait, presenting each of the campaign’s characters within a world that channels their legendary power and grace.

With the late October launch of the new Smoothies campaign, Body Glove Girl will be releasing the first four from the series of eight ads. The other four, each with their own archetypal female figure and imaginative setting, will be released gradually over the next few months, appearing in surf, fashion and California lifestyle publications across North America as well as on blogs and other online publications.

With over 30 different silhouettes in 16 colors, the Smoothies line of swimwear and cover-ups encourages creativity in mixing and matching. The Smoothies collection is available at, as well as at independent retailers across North America.