February 18, 2013

Body Glove Lifeline Marine Radio

The Body Glove Lifeline is a GPS radio that allows you to stay safe while enjoying the water sports you love the most! aka SUP/Stand Up and Paddle, along with any other water activities your into, like diving, boating, snorkeling, ect. The Body Glove Lifeline features a Jupiter 3GPS that has a distress signal range of 8 miles and a voice communication range of 5 miles. It is made of polycarbonate and 316 L Stainless Steel. The Lifeline is waterproof (depth rated to 425 feet) and it floats.

How The Body Glove Nautilus Lifeline Works
Because no one plans on getting lost, carrying a Body Glove Lifeline while participating in open ocean sports can save your life! Featuring a Green button for talking with your buds, an Orange button to call for help on the international Hail and Distress Channel (CH. 16) and a RED BUTTON that increases the transmission range and sends alert message with GPS position (up to 30 miles on International Distress Channel 70) AND turns on the Lifeline strobe! (View Larger Image for details) If you’re an AVID SUP’er you NEED a Body Glove Lifeline!

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