February 14, 2014
Body Glove North Shore

Body Glove Team – North Shore 2014

The Body Glove team made their annual pilgrimage out to the islands during the Volcom Pipe Pro held in February.  The crew posted up in a sweet little place overlooking surfing’s coliseum also known as Pipe and Off the Wall.

The crew was stacked with groms of all shapes and sizes including: Cole Houshmand, Breyden Taylor, Noah Collins, Wil Reid, and Keanu Taylor.  We also got a couple sessions with new team rider and all around awesome babe Tatiana Weston-Webb.  The big hitters were of course there, Tikanui Smith, Jamie O’Brien, Alex Gray, and Anthony Walsh all hanging out and showing the young guns how its done.

The waves were anywhere from 2 to 20 feet and everyone was ripping.  The crew even got to surf the famed Waimea river standing wave.  Everybody was super stoked when newest team member Mason Ho made it to the finals and nearly took out Kelly Slater for the win.  In the end, an epic time was had by all and everybody survived the “proving grounds.”  Until next time Hawaii, shooooooooootssssss!!!!!!!


Nate Yeomans pig dogs his way through a backdoor gem.



Alex Gray gets barreled so much he can do it with his eyes closed!



Anthony Walsh is no stranger to backhand no grab kegs!



Cheyne Magnusson now sits at a desk but still prefers standing up at his old office.



Mason Ho put on an unreal display at the Volcom Pipe Pro earning a third place finish and the coveted “In Memory of Todd Chesser” award.



Keanu Taylor is nine years old and most likely surfs better than you.  Here he is executing a perfect tongue out bottom turn.



Imai Devault showed up at haleiwa and put on a clinic for the rest of the team.  Look out for this kid!



Whenever the Waimea river is about to blow you can bet this guy will be there showing everyone is how its done.  JOB in his element!


The boys prepping for Waimea river madness!



This is what happens when you make a grom who is older than you are angry.



The boys.


Photographer Brent Bielmann showing us how its done.


Tatiana Weston-Webb showing Brent how its really done.


Breyden Taylor tees off out front of the house!



Cole Houshmand setting it up.


Tikanui Smith doesn’t just charge the scariest waves in the world!  The guy has springs and is not afraid to boost!



The view wasn’t too shabby!



Keanu and Cole and their new buddy the Kanaka Warrior!!!




The king in his castle.  J.O.B. Pipeline.




Heres another mind blowing shot of Seven year old Paumalu Malone setting it on a rail!




Mason Ho dropping scores at backdoor.



Nate Yeomans forgot his suit and had to use Keanu’s…at least he didn’t have to use his 4’8″ out at off the wall though!



Thats a wrap on Hawaii!!!!  Aloha!!!