July 10, 2013

Bob Soven Wins Big Air At Red Bull Wake Open

Known as the biggest contest in wakeboarding, the Red Bull Wake Open includes three categories: Boat, Big Air and Park. In 2014, the Big Air event consisted of a huge kicker to massive down ramp, towed by the System 2.0 cableway. This would be the first time America would see a ramp-to-rap gap in competition, but a similar setup was debuted at Red Bull’s Rising High event in Hamburg, Germany just weeks before. Unfortunately, Bob Soven was not able to make it to that event and the riders in Germany had a full week to session the Rising High setup. So when Bob woke up on Friday, July 5, his expectations weren’t at the top. But as he dialed in some tricks in practice, and then made it through the semis, Bob found himself in the top seed, last off the dock in the final round.

Aaron Rathy was the current leader with a switch mute backside mobe (back roll 360). And the judges rewarded him for going inverted. There were two other backside 720′s in second and third place as Bob hit the water. Anxiety and curiosity struck the crowd as they knew this would be the last hit of the day. Bob edged in heavy on his heelside edge, boosted off the kicker, grabbed indy, poked his board and spun into a backside 720. His air carried him much father than Rathy’s mobe and farther than both backside 720′s that were already on the board. Plus the indy poke was sure to please the judges.

Bob rode up to the dock, with all his fellow riders giving him high-fives and the results were announced. Bob Soven: 1st place. Congrats to Bob on his huge win in wakeboarding’s biggest contest of the year. “This is the best day of my life!” Bob announced half-sarcastically after a champagne toast. “I definitely didn’t wake up today thinking I was going to win this event.”

Words: Kevco
Photos: Chris Garrison / Red Bull